Announcing the 16th Annual Human Rights Summit

Human Rights Summit

Youth for Human Rights International will hold its 16th Annual International Human Rights Summit June 27-28 in New York, followed by a multicultural human rights celebration June 29 in Harlem. Young people who wish to represent their countries as part of the Summit's youth program, and those of all ages and walks of life who are passionate about human rights education, are invited to attend.

  • Join officials and advocates who work for equality and justice through human rights education
  • Hear from youth and adult human rights champions
  • Collaborate with passionate young men and women who are making human rights a global reality
  • Establish international partnerships and friendships with delegates from more than 60 countries 
  • Learn from the work of international Youth Delegates and special guest speakers 
  • Honor deserving winners of the 2019 Human Rights Hero Awards
  • Celebrate diverse cultures through human rights-themed performances​

United for Human Rights and its program for young people, Youth for Human Rights International, raise awareness of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the first and most fundamental step in guaranteeing these rights to everyone. In addition to the annual Summit, Youth for Human Rights organizes regional summits and carries out annual World Educational Tours. Chapters hold events, petition drives and provide educational materials that anyone may use to raise awareness and understanding of the 30 articles enshrined in the UDHR.

Online courses on the 30 articles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights are available free of charge through the United for Human Rights website.

Source: Youth for Human Rights International


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